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Michelle Hudson

Science & Social Science Data Librarian
Yale University
How did you become involved in the world of data?: 

I graduated from the University of Washington's iSchool in 2008. As part of my experience there, I worked as a research assistant on a Gates Foundation-funded project. This required me to take care of the project's data. Owing to my background in the social sciences, I also helped several other faculty manage and analyze their data as a graduate assistant.

I didn't know that data librarians existed until I saw a job posting for a data services librarian position at the University of Notre Dame. I got the position and soon realized that data is what I want to be doing in the world of librarianship.

What do you value most about your membership in IASSIST?: 

I really value the depth of knowledge and expertise that so many of the members share. Having access to so many people via the listserv is a lifesaver in data reference situations.

What was your favorite IASSIST conference?: 

I've only been to one! IASSIST 2010 at Cornell. It was a rewarding experience and I'll see you next year, for sure.

What is your favorite data set?: 

The first data set I really looked at was the National Crime Victimization Survey as an undergrad. I found the raw files, got them in the format I wanted, and extracted statistics that made sense from all those messy numbers. And it was fun!

What are some things you are working on currently?: 

Currently, Yale is working on combining the science and social science libraries into a combined Center for Science and Social Science Information. The information commons in the center will be data-focused, and I'm excited to be a part of the libraries at such an exciting time.

When not working with data I…: 

I collect way too many records, play lots of video games, and go to concerts.

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