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Active Data Management Planning and Its Exchange with DDI

Presenter 1
Uwe Jensen
GESIS, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences
Presenter 2
Sebastian Netscher
GESIS, Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences

Research data management (RDM) is an integral part of research. Nowadays, Data Management Planning is becoming highly relevant for project proposals, since data policies and funding guidelines expect replicability, sharing and re-use of publicly funded data.
However, implementing systematic RDM is challenging for different reasons at different levels:

  •   with respect to project complexity and available resources in social science research RDM is unambiguously related to a certain research project;
  •   in regard to funders, (inter-)national regulations on funding and data policies vary greatly;
  •   in terms of DDI, there exists no data management plan (DMP) standard that enable fully integrated in the current DDI flavours, so far.

To face such challenges, the DDI working group Active Data Management Planning (ADMP) aims incorporating DMP into current DDI versions. In line with their goals the presentation provides an overview of achieved results (so far) with respect to the following issue:

  •   We introduce uses cases of projects, funders, and archives to consider their specific DPM requirements for integration into DDI specifications.
  •   We inform on common, different and notably re-usable DMP information sets to be exchanged among these user groups. The specific workflows between the triangle of projects, funders and archives will be considered respectively.
  •   Finally, we discuss options of how to integrate the findings into DDI and the potential usage of and mapping with (other) standards.

With this presentation, we aim to get feedback from the IASSIST community on the various use cases and the usage of DMPs for various purposes. Thus, the feedback shall foster the work of the DDI ADMP working group to integrate relevant data management planning assets into DDI.

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