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Conference Presentations 2002

  • IASSIST 2002-Accelerating access, collaboration and dissemination, Stiorrs, Connecticut, USA
    Host Institution: Roper Center for Public Opinion Research. University of Connecticut
  • Workshops

    • Developing a GIS Data Services Program [PDF]
      Steve Morris (North Carolina State University)
    • Finding, Evaluating and Using Numeric Data
      Julie Linden (Yale University)
    • An Introduction to Arcview
      Steven Citron-Pousty (Yale University)
    • DDI in Action: the Innovative Data Library using Nesstar Knowledge Products
      Simon Musgrave (UKDA) and Jostein Ryssevik (NSD), Nesstar Ltd.


    Plenary Session

    • The Data Archive in the Twenty-First Century - The View from ICPSR
      Myron Gutmann, Executive Director, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research

    Session A: eXtreme Intelligence: Pushing Expert Systems to Their Limits
    Chair: Jostein Ryssevik, Norwegian Social Science Data Services

    • The Prospects for "Intelligent Research"
      Ken Reed (Deakin University), Steven McEachern (University Of Ballarat)<
    • Emerging from the Quagmire: Building Expert Systems Technologies for the Social Sciences [PDF]
      Robert P. Wozniak (Minnesota Population Center)
    • Clearing the Metadata Hurdle for Inexperienced Users: A Case-Based Reasoning Approach [PDF]
      Edward Brent (Idea Works, Inc.), Albert F. Anderson (Public Data Queries, Inc.), Lisa Neidert (University of Michigan), Pawel Slusarz (Idea Works)

    Session B: The New Frontier for Archives
    Chair: JoAnn Dionne, University of Michigan

    • Public Opinion Data in the National Archives of the United States [PDF]
      Thomas E. Brown (NARA)
    • Enhancing Access to Qualitative Data Resources: Edwardians Online Project [PDF]
      Louise Corti's paper (UK Data Archive) presented by Kevin Schürer
    • In Praise of Data Archives: Finding and recovering the 1963 Kennedy Assassination Study
      Tom W. Smith (NORC)

    Session C: Research Portals, or the Truth is Out There
    Chair: Fay Booker, University of Chicago

    • An Internet Portal for Danish Research [PDF]
      Anne Sophie Fink (Danish Data Archives)
    • Scientific Information Infrastructure for Social Research in Russia
      Tatyana Yudina (Moscow State University)
    • Reaching Your End-user with MIMAS [PDF]
      Jessica Eustace (University of Manchester)

    Poster Session


    Plenary Session
    An International Perspective on Confidentiality and Access to Governmentally Produced Social Science Data
    Moderator: Margaret Adams, NARA


    • Pat Doyle, US Bureau of the Census [PDF]
    • Doug Norris, Director General of the Census and Demographic Statistics Branch at Statistics Canada
    • Professor John M. Abowd, Director, Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research and Distinguished Research Fellow, U.S. Census Bureau [PDF]

    Session D: Working Together to Accelerate Access:Data on the Fast Track
    Chair: Robin Rice, Edinburgh University

    • Building Collaborative Data Services Upon Dispersed Resources: A Collaboration Model for Accelerating Data Access at Indiana University
      Jason (Xiao) Yu (Indiana University)
    • Entering a New Era -- The European Research Area [PDF]
      Ken Miller (UK Data Archive)
    • StatCat: Building a Statistical Data Finder [PDF]
      Julie Linden (Yale University), Steven Citron-Pousty, Ann Green

    Session E: GIS Mobilized: One if by Land; Two if by Sea; Three if by Fiber Optics
    Chair: Patrick McGlamery, University of Connecticut

    • Geographic Information Retrieval: Searching Text and Data via Common Geography [PDF]
      Fredric Gey (UC Berkeley), Michael Buckland, Aitao Chen, Ray Larson
    • The USGS National Map: Delaware Framework DataMIL Pilot Project
      Richard Sacher (University of Delaware)
    • Integrating Data Resources with the Library Catalog
      Steven Morris (North Carolina State University)

    Session F: Poll Data: Enabling Greater Access and Re-use
    Chair: Richard Rockwell, The Roper Center

    • Enhancing Access: Roper Center Efforts Towards Data Integration
      Marc Maynard (Roper Center)
    • Encouraging Secondary Analysis of Public Opinion Poll Data
      Shawn Marie Pelak (ICPSR)
    • Enriching Access to Opinion Poll Data: The Experience of the UK Data Archive [PDF]
      Kevin Schürer (UK Data Archive)

    Session G: Tuning Up Your Web Site: Increasing Its Usability
    Chair: Ron Nakao, Stanford University

    • Electronic Collaboration with Distant Partners: The (Success) Story of the IASSIST Web Action Group [PDF]
      Robin Rice (Edinburgh University)
    • Creating Accessible Style and Content for MIMAS Social Sciences Web Pages
      Stuart Smith (University of Manchester)
    • Web Usability: The Key to Success on the Web [PDF]
      Colleen Blessing (US Dept of Energy), Marianne Zawitz (US Dept of Justice)
    • For additional resource on Web Usability, see: blessingzawitz-extra.pdf

    Session H: M-Squared: Metadata Matters
    Chair: Ann Green, Yale University

    • MetaNet: Standardising Statistical Metadata Methodology [PDF]
      Karen Brannen (University of Edinburgh)
    • Harmonization and Integration of Metadata: An Urgent Task for the Future Efficient Use of the Web [PDF]
      Dusan Soltes (Comenius University)
    • XML: Schemas, Names and Confusion [PDF]
      Daniel Gillman (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

    Session I: Make It Faster, Make It Bigger: Developments in Data Delivery Systems
    Chair: Bo Wandschneider, University of Guelph

    • New Developments in Open Source Digital Library Tools [PDF]
      Micah Altman (Harvard University)
    • The Internet Data Library System, Version 2: A Canadian Data Delivery Experience
      Vince Gray (University of Western Ontario)
    • Web-based Access to Complex UK Census Data-Sets [PDF]
      O.W. Duke-Williams (University of Leeds), J.C.H. Stillwell


    Plenary Session

    Recent Developments in Data Access and Implications for DataArchives
    Moderator: Karsten Boye Rasmussen, University of Southern Denmark


    • Jen Darragh, Pennsylvania State University [PDF]
    • Lisa Neidert, University of Michigan [PDF]
    • Mary Vardigan, ICPSR
    • Kevin Schürer, UK Data Archive

    Session J: A New Topical Data Archive: Building a Research Infrastructure for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies in the U.S.
    Chair: Ann Gray, Princeton University

    • Academics, Journalists, Policy Makers and Artists: Mapping One Road for All
      Elizabeth Bennett (Princeton University)
    • Cultural Policy and the Arts: Overview of the Field
      Ann Gray (Princeton University)
    • Developing a new Data Archive in a Time of Developing Standards
      Vernon Leighton (Princeton University)

    Session K: Putting DDI on the Road: What's in the Metadata Toolbox?
    Chair: Bill Block, University of Minnesota

    • DDI Tools: The MN perspective
      Mike Haarman (University of Minnesota)
    • DDI Files from New Data Collections
      Tom Piazza (UC Berkeley)
    • The Metadata Toolbox: A User's Perspective on DDI [PDF]
      Janet Eisenhauer Smith (University of Wisconsin)
    • ICPSR's Use of DDI [PDF]
      Mary Vardigan (ICPSR)
    • DDI-Publishing Made Easy-the Nesstar Way
      Jostein Ryssevik (NSD), Nesstar Ltd. [PDF]

    Session L: Accelerated Learning Environments: A Discussion on Collaboration & Dissemination of Teaching Materials
    Chair: Paula Lackie, Carleton College

    • Preparing a New Generation of Researchers: Introductory Sociology & Research Methods
      Grant Blank (American University)
    • Sharing Instructional Materials Through the Web
      John Korey (California State Polytechnic University)
    • MOTV: Research Methods and Data Resources for Social Sciences? A Case of Finland [PDF]
      Tuomas J. Alaterä (Finnish Social Science Data Archive), Sami Borg

    Session M: Delivering the U.K. Census: Web-Based Access
    Chair: Melanie Wright, UK Data Archive

    • Let us Bring You to Your Census: Recent Developments in UK Census Data Provision [PDF]
      Lucy Bell (UK Data Archive)
    • Learning and teaching with the UK Census [PDF]
      Jackie Carter (University of Manchester), Cressida Chappell (UK Data Archive)
    • Web-based Access to the 2001 Sample of Anonymised Records (SAR's) from the UK Census: Opportunities for Learning and Teaching
      Mark Brown (University of Manchester)
    • Stuck on the Census: UK Historical Censuses Online
      Hamish James (UK Data Archive), Cressida Chappell, Mark Merry, Gustavo de Souza

    Session N: Watching DDI In Action: Implementation of a Standard
    Chair: Fred Gey, UCDATA and UC Berkeley

    • Developing a DDI Back-Office [PDF]
      Ron Dekker (NWO)
    • Trials and Tribulations of Developing DDI-Compliant Codebooks at the University of Guelph [PDF]
      Michelle Edwards - Presenter (University of Guelph), Carol Perry
    • WebDAIS/DDMS - A new version of NESSTAR
      Bill Bradley (Health Canada), Jostein Ryssevik, Simon Musgrave, Prem Khosla

    Session O: The Faster it Moves, The Harder it is to Preserve
    Chair: Diane Geraci, UK Data Archive

    • NARA's High Capacity Magnetic Media Study [PDF]
      Michael Carlson (NARA)
    • Digital Preservation: Maintaining History's Rear-View Mirror [PDF]
      Janet Vavra (ICPSR)
    • Designing an e-journal archive: report of a planning project at Harvard University
      Diane Garner (Harvard College Library)
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