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A Selection of Articles from the IQ Vol. 1 (1977) - Vol. 18 (1994)

Prepared 8/26/96 by Maryellen Trautman, librarian at the [U.S.] National Archives and Records Administration, from the Archives Library Information Center (ALIC), a database and service of the National Archives Library, [U.S.] National Archives and Records Administration.

(Some issues of the IASSIST QUARTERLY had not yet been reviewed for ALIC at the time this bibliography was prepared.)

Articles are in alphabetical order by author's name as it appears on the article; citations include volume number, issue number, page numbers, and subject headings.

Aldrich, Barbara. Approaches to information about Census Bureau machine-readable data files. 4, no.1([Winter] 1980): 3-7.
Census records: Electronic records/
Census records: Data archives/
Data archives: Census records/
Electronic records: Census records/
Alsberg, Paul A. The record group concept in contemporary archives. 13, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1989): 4-6.
Archival theory: Record groups/
Record groups: Archival theory/
Aronsson, Patricia. Confidentiality and access: legislative initiatives in the United States government. 9, no.1(Spring 1985): 11-16.
Privacy: Legal issues/
Access: Legal issues/
Freedom of Information Act/
Privacy Act of 1974/
Legal issues: Privacy/
Legal issues: Access
Bearman, David. The case for software as documentation. 13, no.1(Spring 1989): 18-23.
Collection strategy: Software/
Software: Collection strategy/
Software: Functional context/
Documentation: Software/
Software: Documentation/
Evidential value: Software/
Software: Evidential value/
Functional context: Data archives/
Bell, Rudolf M. and Martha Carlin. The Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank at Rutgers. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 41-46.
Data archives: Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank (NJ)/
Rutgers University (NJ): Medieval and Early Modern Data Bank/
Borman, Lorraine. Resource sharing through networks: problems and potentials for the social science community. 2, no.1(Winter 1978): 14-18.
Information networks: Data archives/
Data archives: Information networks/
Access: Data archives/
Data archives: Access/
Conrad, Mark. Reeling them in: accessioning the electronic records of the United States government. 18, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1994): 11-13.
Accessioning: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Accessioning/
National Archives and Records Administration (NARA): Electronic records/
Appraisal: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Appraisal/
Preservation: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Preservation/
Electronic records: NARA/
Definition of records/
Center for Electronic Records: NARA /
Cook, Michael. Managing machine-readable archives: progress with description and exchange standards. 18, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1994): 7-10.
Descriptive standards: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Descriptive standards/
Data exchange: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Data exchange/
Day, Donald L. The impact of future social and technological trends on the dissemination of Census Bureau information. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 4-19.
Access: Census records/
Electronic records: Census records/
Census records: Electronic records/
Depository Library Program: Census records/
Census records: Depository Library Program/
Depository Library Program: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Depository Library Program/
de Vries, Repke and Cor van der Meer. Exchange of scanned documentation between social scientists and data archives: establishing an image file format and method of transfer. 16, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1992): 18-22.
Data exchange: Data archives/
Scanning: Data archives/
Standards: Data excchange/
Documentation: Data sets/
Data sets: Documentation/
Scanning: Documentation/
Documentation: Scanning/
Image processing: Image file formats/
Image file formats/
Data exchange: Image technology/
Image technology/
Data archives: Documentation/
Documentation: Data archives/
Tagged image file format (TIFF)/
Image processing: Scanning/
Scanning: Image processing/
Standards: Image processing/
Data exchange: Data archives/
Dhanak, Harriet A. and Christopher D. Brown. A model for user's service: providing for information and data retrieval from an archival, user, and development library. 3, no.2(Spring 1979): 30-37.
Data archives: Michigan State University/
Michigan State University: Data archives/
Dodd, Sue A. Building a bibliographic/MARC data base for social science data files in a network environment. 2, no.2(Spring 1978): 34-37.
Information networks: Data archives/
Data archives: Information networks/
Access: Data archives/
Data archives: Access/
Databases: Social science data files/
Dungworth, Terence. The federal court data base: new research opportunities. 12, no.1(Spring 1988): 3-12.
Court records: FCDB/
Databases: Court records/
Federal Court Data Base (FCDB)/
Databases: FCDB/
Eaton, Fynnette. Electronic media and preservation. 18, no.1- 2(Spring-Summer 1994): 14-17.
Preservation: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Preservation/
Electronic media: Preservation/
Elesh, David. Data services since the 1960s: where are we going? 18, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1994): 4-6.
Data archives: Strategic planning/
Strategic planning: Data archives/
Fox, Cynthia G. Beyond the public use file: confidentiality of archival records: a case study, the National Center for Health Statistics. 7, no.3(Summer 1983): 10-16.
National Center for Health Statistics: Privacy/
Privacy: National Center for Health Statistics/
Access: National Center for Health Statistics/
National Center for Health Statistics: Access/
Personal data: National Center for Health Statistics/
National Center for Health Statistics: Personal data/
Gammell, William J. The Roper Center: development of a new organizational model for data access. 2, no.2(Spring 1978): 38- 43.
Roper Opinion Research Center: Data archives/
Data archives: Roper Center/
Access: Roper Opinion Research Center/
Surveys: Roper Opinion Research Center/
Gavrel, K. S. National archives and electronic records: where are we going. 13, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1989): 7-9.
Archival adminstration: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Archival administration/
Electronic records: National Archives of Canada/
Canada: Electronic records/
National Archives of Canada: Electronic records/
Gavrel, Katherine Sue. Machine readable archives: user survey. 7, no.4(Fall 1983): 2-4, 22-25.
Electronic records: User surveys/
User surveys: Electronic records/
Electronic records: User studies/
Data archives: User studies/
User studies: Data archives/
User studies: Electronic records/
Canada: Electronic records/
Archives: Foreign - Canada/
Electronic records: Canada/
Gerken, Ann. CD-ROM and the data archive: beyond retrieval. 11, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1987): 99-101.
CD-ROM: Data archives/
Data archives: CD-ROM/
Gladwin, Lee A. Electronic Reference Systems in the Year 2000: The Symposium on Advanced Information Processing & Analysis, March 24-26, 1992. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 74-75.
Artificial intelligence: Information retrieval/
Information technology: Artificial intelligence/
Hankinson, Richard. Issues concerning the bibliographic citation of machine-readable data files. 12, no.1(Spring 1988): 13-18.
Data archives: Bibliographic citations/
Population Index: Data archives/
Data archives: Population Index/
Harrison, Donald Fisher. An archivist's challenges: adapting to changing technology and management techniques. 10, no.1(Spring 1986): 8-13.
Computer data/
Harrison, Donald F. and W. Jon Heddesheimer. Downloading for PC users. Part I: The U.S. government experience. 11, no.1(Spring 1987): 9.
Computer data/
Hauser, Robert M., William H. Sewell, John A. Logan, Taissa S. Hauser, Carol Ryff, Avshalom Caspi and Maurice M. MacDonald. The Wisconsin Longitudinal Study: adults as parents and children at age 50. 16, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1992): 23-38.
Wisconsin Logitudinal Study (WLS)/
National Death Index/
Electronic records/
Hedstrom, Margaret. Is data redundancy the price archivists will pay for adequate documentation? 13, no.1(Spring 1989): 24- 30.
Appraisal: Data redundancy/
Documentation strategies: Data archives/
Electronic records: Data redundancy/
International Association for Social Science Information Service and Technology. IASSIST constitution, as amended, December 15, 1992. 16, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1992): 39-47.
IASSIST constitution/
ISBD(cf) report. 18, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1994): 23-24.
Standards: ISBD(cf)/
International Standard Bibliographic Description for Computer Files (ISBD(cf): Standards/
Descriptive standards: ISBD(cf)/
Electronic records: ISBD(cf)/
Jones, Roger G. Establishing an Australian social science data archive: progress and plans. 6, no.1-2([Winter-Spring] 1982): 3-16.
Australia: Data archives/
Data archives: Australia/
Kolp, John G. Reference tools for machine-readable data files. 4, no.2([Spring] 1980): 33-38.
Electronic records: Reference/
Reference: Data archives/
Data archives: Reference/
Lamont, Jana M. Incorporating catalogue records for machine- readable data files into the University of Alberta library's DOBIS public catalogue. 12, no.1(Spring 1988): 19-22.
Data archives: Access/
Access: Data archives/
Online public access catalog (OPAC): Data archives/
Data archives: OPAC/
University of Alberta (Canada): Data archives/
Data archives: University of Alberta (Canada)/
Lasman, Benjamin. Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 3-6.
Data archives: Israel/
Israel: Data archives/
Israel Central Bureau of Statistics: Data archives/
Statistics: Israel Central Bureau of Statistics/
Latta, Carolyn. IASSIST Newsletter Index, volumes 3-5. 6, no.1-2([Winter-Spring] 1982): 37-40.
Australia: Data archives/
Data archives: Australia/
Manojlovich, Slavko. A library-based reference service for machine-readable census data: the Canadian experience. 3, no.3(Summer 1979): 55-63.
Canada: Electronic records/
Canada: Data archives/
Data archives: Canada/
Census: Canada/
Canada: Census/
Electronic records: Canada/
Reference: Census/
Census: Reference/
Marker, Hans Jorgen. History and the data archives. 13, no.1(Spring 1989): 31-38.
Historical research: Data archives/
Data archives: Historical research/
Marsh, Catherine. Hands on the census: microdata from the 1991 census of population in Britain. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 36-44.
Access: Census records/
Electronic records: Census records/
Census records: Electronic records/
Census records: Privacy/
Census records: Access/
Census records: Privacy/
McGee, Jacqueline. Indexing machine-readable data files for a social science data archives. 8, no.1(Winter 1984): 6-10.
Indexing: Electronic records/
Electronic records: Indexing/
Social Science Data Archives: Indexing/
Indexing: Data archives/
Milic, Louis T. Using the Century of Prose Corpus. 16, no.1- 2(Spring-Summer 1992): 13-17.
Century of Prose Corpus (COPC): Text analysis/
Text analysis: COPC/
Monkkonen, Eric H. Recent historical studies of crime and crime control in the United States. 3, no.4(Fall 1979): 14-22.
Criminal records/
Historical research: Criminal records/
Nicholls, Paul T. and Douglas G. Link. CD-ROM publishing: review, developments and trends. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 32-35.
CD-ROMS: Publication programs/
Publication programs: CD-ROMS/
Information technology: CD-ROMS/
Standards: CD-ROMS/
Nielsen, Per. Colonial control information available for Inuit family research: Disko Bay church and census records. 11, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1987): 3-17.
Greenland: Inuit Eskimos/
Scandinavia: Greenland/
Eskimos: Greenland/
Denmark: Resources on Greenland/
Greenland: Sources in Denmark/
Religious records: Greenland/
Religious records: Denmark/
Denmark: Religious records/
Greenland: Religious records/
Nielsen, Per. Provider sophistication versus user simplicity: European servicing through bridging the gap. 15, no.3-4(Fall- Winter 1991): 20-27.
Data archives/
Data analysis/
Data exchange: Data sets/
User studies: Data sets/
Access: Data sets/
Data sets: Access/
European Community (EC): Data exchange/
Data exchange: Europe/
Europe: Data exchange/
Committee of European Social Science Data Archives (CESSDA)/
Access: Data sets/
Danish Data Archives/
Nijhawan, N. K. Data archives retrospective and perspective. 3, no.4(Fall 1979): 6-13.
Data archives: Developing countries/
Developing countries: Data archives/
Olaussen, Thore Gaard. Norwegian data legislation and research: implications for data access, data collection and data archiving. 9, no.1(Spring 1985): 3-10.
Norwegian Personal Data Registers Act/
Norway: Personal data/
Personal data: Norway/
Privacy: Norway/
Norway: Privacy/
Oudard, Denis. An analysis of CD-ROM as a long term archiving solution. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 70-73.
CD-ROM: Data archives/
Data archives: CD-ROM/
Pawlocki, Martin and Elizabeth Stephenson. A micro based tape information system. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 25-40.
Data archives: ISSR (CA)/
Institute for Social Science Research (CA): Data archives/
Machine-readable data files (MRDF): ISSR (CA)/
Peleg, Michal. Presenting spatial data: the statistical map as a new practice. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 12-24.
Data archives: Cartographic records/
Cartographic records: Data archives/
Statistics: Cartographic records/
Phelps, Erin. The Henry A. Murray Research Center: alternative data sources - unique, yet less visible archives and programs. 14, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1990): 27-30.
Henry A. Murray Research Center (MA): Data archives/
Data archives: Henry A. Murray Research Center (MA)/
Prestwich, Patricia E. History and statistical analysis: a case study. 15, no.2(Summer 1991): 16-19.
Historical research: Statistics/
Statistics: Historical research/
Rapaport, Edmund. Public data: statistics Sweden. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 7-11.
Data archives: Sweden/
Sweden: Data archives/
Rasmussen, Karsten Boye. BID - Bringing integration to data. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 45-65.
Danish Data Archives/
Electronic records: Danish Data Archives/
Standard Study Description Scheme/
Description: Standard Study Description Scheme/
Documentation: Electronic records/
User needs: Electronic records/
Rasmussen, Karsten Boye. Technical standards for magnetic tape exchange between data organizations. 2, no.3(Summer 1978): 76-77.
Standards: Data exchange/
Data exchange: Standards/
Danish Data Archives: Data exchange/
Data exchange: Danish Data Archives/
Data archives: Danish Data Archives/
Robbin, Alice. The impact of computer networking on the social science data library. 2, no.1(Winter 1978): 3-12.
Data archives: Information networks/
Information networks: Data archives/
Social Science Data Library: Information networks/
Robbin, Alice. The issue of confidential data: the need for formulation of policy by the data archive and library. 1, no.4(Fall 1977): 20-28.
Personal data: Privacy/
Privacy: Personal data/
Data archives: Personal data/
Personal data: Data archives/
Data archives: Privacy/
Privacy: Data archives/
Robbin, Alice. A profile of data preservation activities in university data libraries and archives. 5, no.1([Winter] 1980): 3-22.
Data archives: Preservation/
Preservation: Data archives/
Robbin, Alice. Toward creating the professional data librarian. 2, no.4(Fall 1978): 95-100.
Librarians: Data archives/
Data archives: Librarians/
Training: Data archives/
Archivists: Data archives/
Data archives: Archivists/
Ruus, Laine G. M. User services in a data library. 4, no.2([Spring] 1980): 29-33.
User needs: Data archives/
Data archives: User needs/
Schonborn, Karl. Archival soundbites, footage, and photographs - past, present and future. 14, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1990): 23-26.
Audiovisual records/
Sound recordings/
Stephenson, Elizabeth and Martin B. Pawlocki. Index of machine readable data files for women's studies. 12, no.1(Spring 1988): 28-34.
Data archives: Women/
Women: Data archives/
Electronic records: Women/
Women: Electronic records/
Stewart, Lisa and William H. Rogers. Database documentation applied to the RAND Medical Outcomes Study. 12, no.1(Spring 1988): 35-73.
Data archives: National Study of Medical Care Outcomes/
Medical records: National Study of Medical Care Outcomes/
Medical records: Data archives/
Stratford, Juri. The depository distribution of CD-ROMs: a review of the first year. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 28-31.
CD-ROMS: Depository Library Program/
Depository Library Programs: CD-ROMS/
Statistics: Depository Library Program/
Depository Library Program: Statistics/
Tsang, Daniel C. Academic libraries and collection development of nonbibliographic machine readable data files. 12, no.3(Fall 1988): 47-55.
Collection development: MRDF/
Machine-readable data files (MRDF): Collection development/
Data archives: MRDF/
Machine-readable data files (MRDF): Collection development/
Vavra, Janet. The promise of multimedia: data for every computer. 15, no.3-4(Fall-Winter 1991): 66-69.
Multimedia: User needs/
CD-ROMS: Access/
Access: CD-ROMS/
User needs: Multimedia/
Access: Multimedia/
von Brunken, Erika. User needs and confidentiality in Sweden. 3, no.2(Spring 1979): 23-29.
User needs: Sweden/
Privacy: Sweden/
Sweden: Privacy/
Sweden: User needs/
Sweden: Data Protection Act/
Sweden: Personal data/
Personal data: Sweden/
Watters, Annette Jones and Carl E. Ferguson, Jr. A user's perspective on electronic data archival: the importance of standards. 16, no.1-2(Spring-Summer 1992): 9-12.
Electronic records: Standards/
Standards: Electronic records/
Data archives: Standards/
Standards: Data archives/
Electronic records: Data analysis/
Data analysis: Electronic records/
User studies: Electronic records/
Electronic records: User studies/
Windell, Phillip A. Controlled access as a means of balancing respondent privacy and analytical utiltiy in survey research. 7, no.3(Summer 1983): 2-9.
Privacy: Access/
Access: Privacy/
Access: Surveys/
Surveys: Access/
Access: Surveys/
Surveys: Access/
Privacy: Surveys/
Surveys: Privacy/
Privacy: Personal data/
Personal data: Privacy/
Personal data: Surveys/
Surveys: Personal data/
Winsborough, Halliman H. Moving to distributed computing: experiences from the minicomputer transition. 16, no.1-2(Spring- Summer 1992): 4-8.
Electronic mail/
Automation: Information networks/
Standards: Information networks/
Information networks/
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