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The IASSIST Jobs Repository is a record of job descriptions posted to the members' email list from 2005 to the present, providing a communal resource for employers and job-hunters. This blog post with comments from the Accidental Data Librarian session at the 2005 IASSIST conference may also be of interest.


2007-08-08 Demographic Researcher/Census State Data Center Manager, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2007-08-08 Economic Development Research Specialist, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2007-08-08 Executive Director, Institute for Economic Advancement, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2007-08-08 Regional Economic Researcher, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2007-08-08 State Economic Forecaster / Senior Research Professor of Economi, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
2007-08-06 Data Librarian, Congressional Research Service, Washington DC
2007-08-01 Social Sciences Data Librarian EXTENDED, Rutgers University Libraries
2007-07-19 Head, Government and Geographic Information and Data Services, Northwestern University Library
2007-07-11 Resource and Management Services Director, UK Data Archive (UKDA)
2007-05-25 Social Science Data Librarian, University of Southern California
2007-05-25 Data Services Librarian, University of California, San Diego
2007-05-23 Government Information and Data Services Librarian, Western Illinois University Libraries
2007-05-12 Data Library Manager, London School of Economics and Political Science
2007-04-18 Statistical Support Specialist (C&IS Support Specialist 2), Yale University
2007-04-04 Project Co-Director Terrorism Survey Data Archive Project, University of Maryland, ICPSR, U.S. Department of Homeland Secur
2007-02-15 Data Services Librarian, Western Illinois University
2006-11-29 Statistical Consultant / Training Manager, Harvard-MIT Data Center
2006-11-27 GIS/Metadata Librarian, Columbia University Libraries
2006-11-27 Maps and State Documents Librarian, Northwestern University Library
2006-11-17 Data Repository Architect, North Carolina State University Libraries
2006-11-08 Research Data Specialist (Data Librarian), Tilburg University (the Netherlands)
2006-10-27 Geospatial Data Librarian, Emory University Libraries
2006-10-25 Technical Officer, The UK Data Archive
2006-10-24 Documents/Data Services Librarian, UNC-Greensboro Libraries
2006-10-16 Director of Archival Operations, Harvard University
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